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Poor Financial Management is the
No. 1 Cause
of Business Failure!


Help your clients perform
        and avoid these statistics!
‘ These statistics not only tell a sad story
but stress the need for professional involvement ’

Australian Bureau of Statistics Report


Over 294,000 businesses were newly registered in FY2010/2011. Of these...


  • 24% had failed by June 2012

  • 41% had failed by June 2013

  • 50% had gone by June 2014

  • 50% of all businesses registered - had failed over the course of 3 years!




"Australian Securities & Investments Commission – Causes company failure for 2011-12


  • 44% suffered poor strategic management

  • 40% were victims of inadequate cash flow or high cash use

  • 33% went under because of trading losses

A partnership with TBS Software provides you with the means to:
  • Improve the business profitability of you and your clients

  • Increase the range of services you can offer (with full support) that will generate profit and improve the practice-client relationship.

  • Offers a wider data set for management of the client and your practice

  • Let us help with the accounting, and consulting support of your clients

  • Enables you to create business opportunities in marketing targeted and new solutions

  • We provide a full bookkeeping/software/consulting setup for bookkeepers & professionals

  • We can create any vertical market opportunity or automate your own processes

  • We offer over 20 standard applications and several industry specific leaders which are the best in the world. We can offer anything XeroTM etc offer per month/cloud based/cost efficient with the ability to grow from startup/entrepreneur to multi group solutions

"We were the FIRST to offer full cloud applications
and still the best!"

Many practices and bookkeepers struggle to provide management accounting for their clients. The pressures on accountants and consultants beyond tax work, is immense, and being able to service a client’s ecosystem of needs beyond simple accounting is becoming more of a problem each year.



"Businesses are struggling to maximize their own potential as there are so many things to think about these days, such as...


  • Growing expectation from business owners for a more direct involvement from their accountants

  • Greater pressures on profit, cash flow and management control

  • Staffing issues and costs

  • Properly integrated business systems that match the business requirements and are cost effective and easy to implement and use

  • Increases and changes to regulatory controls

  • PLUS all the usual marketing, stock control, product price setting, purchasing and production



We understand how difficult it is for professionals to provide the full range of services to their clients and how tough it is for the business owner to have all these skills in house... especially the small business with a couple of staff.



This is were TBS can help!


With 40 years experience working with over 3,000 SME businesses and adding on average $100k-$200k to their bottom line, we know what is needed from a financial, systems, control and management perspective and we can provide results for you and your clients; we want the best performance for your clients. It means knowing the state of the business in the finest detail, like all the large blue chip companies do.



"It means using a combination of full business software, sound management advice, detailed monthly control, accounting expertise and daily attention to detail.



The consistent return on investment from our software is unprecedented withstanding the test of time.



We are looking for partners that can license our software as part of their service package and or bulk sell it across organizations. Our business is structured to bring accountants, consultants, bookkeepers and the business owners to a better place with a range of business software, data, analysis and management support that you can offer all your clients.



"We are committed to creating win-win outcomes so your client is happy with their results, and you are happy with your new revenue streams! Our primary aim is to support you and your client to work smarter not harder and grow everyone’s business.



"Our software has no risk as it is based on Microsoft Access/SQL (readily available) and the most used software system in the world so probably over a million developers (none as good as TBS). This gives businesses the tools to get a 100% view of their business and then help to monitor their progress to budgets, standards, work performances, KPI points, your specific needs etc.

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TBS Software has the ultimate range of business and software solutions:


  • Service solution

  • Full company solution

  • Your server or ours – know where your data is!




  • Blind manufacture

  • Engineering

  • Wholesaling

  • Retail

  • General Business (multi-levels)




  • Most complete Franchising/Multi Branch solution in the world

  • H/O, Branch, Rep, Royalties, Marketing, Group KPI and Purchasing

  • Full web solution or internal networked server system Wholesaling




  • Control your client accounts on your own server

  • Multiple levels – Corporate, Plus, Business, Home etc

  • Bookkeeping solutions – Control your own network




  • Manage your clients with specific consulting solutions

  • Client add-ons


Let's Do It!

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